This page is out-dated. Please go to my new homepage: https://dracooxu.github.io/

I am Yunlong Xu, aka Draco Xu. A researcher who is interested in Intelligence, including Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Philosophy and Computational Neuroscience. Google Scholar Link

Short Bio: I am a senior studying at University of Rochester and Fudan University, majoring in honors Mathematics and Computer Science. For a detailed CV, click here. I am working with Fatemeh Nargesian (URCS), on time series and complex network. I am also serving as a RA at Tadin Lab (URBCS) and CogT Lab (Stanford).Besides, I am affiliated with Prof. Ruyuan Zhang’s Lab at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, we are working on using Deep Learning to understand the neural mechanics in Psychophysics.

I began my college experience in 2018 at School of Journalism, Fudan, then transferred to School of Mathematical Sciences after a year. From 2020, I began to study at U of Rochester.

Story of My Name:

I am Chinese, and my name in Chinese is actually 云龙 徐. 云 means Cloud,龙 means Chinese Dragon, and 徐 means Leisurely. Jointly, you can imagine a Chinese Dragon flying leisurely in clouds.

If you come here with an academic purpose, you may check the academic page. If you are willing to know more of Yunlong as a person, page of Arts and Opinions and Sea would be good choices.

To contact, xuyunlongbeibai@gmail is a good way. Or you can find more via Contact. including other email addresses, Wechat…

Anyway, thanks for coming. Wish you a good day.