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As a researcher in Intelligence, I am interested in all the topics related to the controversial being.

Short Bio: I am a junior studying at University of Rochester and Fudan University, majoring in honors Mathematics and Computer Science. For a detailed CV, click here. I am working with Fatemeh Nargesian (URCS), on time series and complex network. I am also serving as a RA at Tadin Lab (URBCS) and CogT Lab (Stanford). Besides, I am affiliated with Prof. Ruyuan Zhang’s Lab at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, we are working on using Deep Learning to understand the neural mechanics in Psychophysics.

Now I am working on vision science, a subfield of Computational Cognitive Neuroscience in Prof. Ruyuan Zhang’s Lab at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, serving as a research assistant. As a student, I am a sophomore (2023er) majoring in Computer Science and Honors Mathematics at University of Rochester, while majoring in Mathematics at Fudan University at the same time(Yes, double enroll).

Yunlong Xu*, Jinshu Liu* , Fatemeh Nargesian, TSUBASA: Construction of Climate Networks on Historical and Real-Time Streams, SIGMOD2022.

I began my college experience from School of Journalism, Fudan University (2018) then decided to transfer to School of Mathematical Sciences at Fudan University (2019) and University of Rochester (2020). Before diving into academia, I regard myself as an artist, and ever dreamed of becoming a great novelist, actor or a poet. You can find more on my Wechat Blog if you are able to read in Chinese.



1Cademy: New Position Announcement

I am delighted to accept my position at 1Cademy in this summer, as a part of the Neuroscience Research Community. 1Cademy is a research platform affiliated by the School of Information, University of Michigan. Welcome to join the community.

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My Teaching Assistant Sample Video: Neuromatch Academy 2021
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